With heartfelt gratitude, we extend our appreciation for your unwavering support during the inaugural World
Schools Team Chess Championship held in Kazakhstan from August 3rd to 8th, 2023. Team Uganda, comprising
students from Peak Primary School, led by Coach Jude Kalanzi and Friends International Christian Academy
(FICA), left a lasting impact both on the chessboard and in the hearts of many.
In Uganda, chess has evolved from a mere canvas into an avenue of opportunity for players, coaches, parents, and
sponsors. The Father Grimes National Schools Chess Championship annually gathers players from across
Uganda. In 2023, a record 138 teams attended the nationals and when the World Chess Federation (FIDE)
introduced the World Schools Team Chess Championship, this offered the Ugandan champions a chance to
compete globally.

Photo moment of Team Uganda During transit.

This championship illuminated the path for emerging talents and marked a significant achievement our
representatives. The brilliance of our young minds resonates beyond the board, symbolizing hope and potential.
We must remember, as the African proverb reminds us, a child who is not embraced by the village will burn its
own to feel warmth. Your embrace, dear supporters, has nurtured this village of potential, ensuring a brighter
future for all chess players.

Chess, a sport valuing intellect over wealth, transcends economic barriers, fostering brilliance and fair
competition. As we celebrate, let’s remember our ancestors’ wisdom:” A bird that flies off the earth and lands on
an ant hill is still on the ground.” Our young stars have soared, not just on the board but beyond, and this
accomplishment rests on the strong foundation of our esteemed supporters.
Special thanks to the National Council of Sports (NCS) who provided all the necessary documentation ensuring
safe passage. FIDE’s grant aided Peak Primary School’s journey, and FICA’s parents and administration enabled
their participation.

Photo moment of Flag off by NCS of Peak and FICA team Uganda.

Many thanks to the NCS who provided timely documentation and flagged off the team to ensure safe passage and
travel for our young stars.
To FIDE under the leadership of Arkady Dvorkovich, your benevolence provided the grant that assisted Peak
Primary school our official representative to make the trip.
The parents and FICA school administration who ensured that FICA travels as an additional team, thanks a lot for
the support!!
A heart felt appreciation to the esteemed Eng. Ojok Patrick, the UCF General Secretary who was the Chef De
Mission in this remarkable Journey.
The media, with its ink and lenses, has painted the story of our representatives, amplifying the voices of our
young champions, your diligent coverage has shone a light on our rising stars, illuminating their path to greatness.
Kimera Innocent, in his role as an arbiter, represented our nation with distinction. His presence reminded us that
every role, no matter how seemingly small, plays an essential part in the symphony of success in Uganda and
As the team journeys back to Entebbe, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your unwavering commitment has proven
that, indeed, “It takes a village to raise a child.”
Kimera is travelling from Aktau city in Kazakhastan, via Istanbul in Turkey, then through Dubai and finally to
Entebbe International airport.
The FICA team is travelling from Aktau airport in Kazakhastan to Baku Heydar Aliyev Airport in Azerbaijan
then through Dubai and Finally Entebbe International Airport. The Expected arrival time is 14:25 on the 10th of
August 2023.
The Peak team travelled from Aktau in kazakhastan to Almaty in Kazakhastan, wher they are currently waiting in
Hotel Kezdesu in Almaty as they wait for the 12hour connecting flight to Sharjah in the UAE. There after they
will take a flight to Entebbe International airport. The expected arrival time is 13:35 on the 10th August 2023.

Photo moment of Peak team in transit

As we savor the accomplishments and pave the way for a brighter chess future, let us carry forward the teachings
of our forebears: when the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.

May this accomplishment be a harbinger of greater achievements and testament to the power of unity,
determination and dreams. Together we have turned chess into a symphony of growth, and its echoes will inspire
generations to come.
Once again a huge than you to our esteemed chess supporters may the winds of success propel us onward.
Credit | Eng. Mwaka Emmanuel

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