Round 5 results (Friday 17/11/2023)
Uganda 1 – 0 Monaco
Uganda 1 – 0 Chinese Taipei
Uganda 1 – 0 Slovenia
Round 6 Today 5 pm
http://Live broadcast link (https://lichess.org/broadcast/fide-world-youth-championship-2023– g16/round-6/tGns3Zps
Sherry Ariella Agaba 1200 (UGA) Vs Balazs Szabina Zoe 1552 (Hungary)
Sana Omprakash Kayyar 1562 (UGA) Vs WCM Kayis Gulcan Sena 1859 (Turkey)
Shoubhith Omprakash Kayyar 1450 (UGA) Vs Heino Sena 1683 (Finland)

After posting mixed results in rounds 3 and 4, Chess Team Uganda was flawless in round 5!!
In a stunning display of resilience and skill, Team Uganda has soared to new heights, securing
three remarkable victories in the fifth round of the highly anticipated 2023 World Youth Chess
The championship was held in Montesilvano, Italy. This triumphant comeback comes on the heels of a
mixed performance in the previous rounds, where the team faced both successes and setbacks.
The standout player, 16-year-old, Sana Omprakash Kayyar, the reigning national lady junior
champion and double Africa youth chess championship silver medalist staged a remarkable
recovery in round five, engaging in a fierce battle against a much higher-rated opponent, a Woman
Candidate Master (WCM) Berezovsky Fiorina from Monaco. With an unwavering determination,
Sana employed a masterful Catalan strategy (common in Catalan and Reti openings), gradually
bringing her opponent to resignation. The game was fiercely contested, with both sides
committing their fair share of blunders and inaccuracies. However, it ultimately came down to
capitalizing on opportunities, which Sana expertly seized in the endgame when both players
were under intense time pressure. Lasting over five grueling hours and spanning 70 moves, the
match showcased Sana’s unwavering resilience and proficiency in the Reti Opening. The final
result was a resounding victory for Kayyar, ending with a score of 1-0.

Team Uganda accompanied by their parents share a moment after the

Sana’s remarkable recovery in round five followed a series of setbacks in rounds three and four.
However, her determination and strategic prowess allowed her to overcome adversity and
emerge triumphant. The other members of Team Uganda also showcased their resilience, with
14-year-old Shoubhith Omprakash Kayyar secured a victory against Yao Hong Yu from the Chinese
Taipei on table 80 in the Under 14 Open category (U14), while 14-year-old, Sherry Agaba Ariella
triumphed over Macek Inti of Slovenia on table 48 in the U14G category.
With Sana now accumulating a commendable score of 3 out of 5 points, and Ariella and
Shoubhith each securing 2 out of 5 points, Team Uganda has demonstrated its ability to bounce
back from early setbacks. Sana’s impressive start, winning the first two games before facing
unfortunate setbacks, serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of such tournaments.
The victories got the chess enthusiast in Uganda excited and itching for more before reality
struck. The 2023 World Youth Chess Championship, an 11-round Swiss event, resembles a
marathon, where the final outcome holds the utmost significance. Early frontrunners can
stumble, while those who initially struggled can make remarkable comebacks. Such events
provide ample opportunities for recovery, demanding players to settle in early, train diligently,
and exhibit discipline.
In round four, held on Thursday 16th November 2023, Uganda’s sole victory was secured by
Sherry Ariella Agaba triumphed over HSU Ning on table 60 in the U14 G category.
Coinciding with her birthday, this win served as a momentous occasion for Agaba, marking her
first triumph after enduring losses in the initial three rounds. Agaba’s struggle in the
tournament’s early stages was evident, but as often occurs in tightly contested competitions, a
single victory, however, can ignite a player’s confidence and pave the way for a remarkable
turnaround. We extend our belated birthday wishes to Sherry, hoping that this significant
moment reignites her fighting spirit and propels her toward future triumphs.
In other round-four games, Shoubhith, playing in the U14 Open category, suffered a defeat
against Merida Ceballos Sebastian from Venezuela. Despite the unfortunate loss in a closely
contested endgame, Shoubhith showcased unwavering determination and perseverance.
Sana on the other hand played and was unfortunate to lose a drawn endgame to Bruessow Nina
of Switzerland in a Berlin Variation of the Ruy Lopez opening as below:

In round three, played on Wednesday 15th November 2023 Uganda’s sole victory was achieved
by Shoubhith Omprakash Kayyar in the U14 Open category, playing with the black pieces on
table 85. After faltering in the first two rounds, Shoubhith made a resounding comeback in the
All-African derby, defeating Mutema Ezywell from Zimbabwe. This was Shoubhith’s first victory in
the event and a clear turn of fortunes in the event. On the other hand, Sherry succumbed to a
defeat against Vera Zeng of Australia at table 50, indicating her initial struggle to find her
rhythm and acclimate to the event. Sana too, lost her round 3 game to TRUNZ Michelle of

Shoubhith in a state of deep concentration

Trunz Michelle Vs Sana Omprakash Kayyar
2023 World Youth Chess Championship Montesilvano, Italy
Round 3 Queens Gambit declined.
Result: 1 – 0

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our coaches, media partners, parents, and
all the supporters from Uganda who have tirelessly encouraged our players to perform at the
the peak of their abilities. Your support and constructive feedback on all media provide us with the
reassurance that our players’ efforts are not in vain.

http://Link to results: https://chess-results.com/tnr843257.aspx?lan=1&art=2&rd=6&flag=30

Results summary
Round 4 results (Thursday 16/11/2023)
Venezuela 1 – 0 Uganda
Switzerland 1 – 0 Uganda

Uganda 1 – 0 Chinese Taipei
Round 3 Results (Wednesday 15/11/2023)
Germany 1- 0 Uganda
Zimbabwe 0 – 1 Uganda
Uganda 0 – 1 Australia

Credit :

Eng. Mwaka Emmanuel
President, Uganda Chess Federation (UCF)
Email: ugandachess@yahoo.com

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