In the world of chess, there are stories of triumph, resilience, and dedication. Kizza Faruk Fauza
Karim, born on November 1, 1982, Makindye chess club player


Raised and educated by his mother, Buganda princess Mutebi Sarah Sandra, who now resides in
the United States of America, and his grandmother, Nabatanzi Annet, in Entebbe Kitoro, Kizza’s
journey to becoming Uganda’s chess sensation is a remarkable one.
His first introduction to the game of chess came in 1996 when he was a Senior One student at
Entebbe Secondary School. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of an
extraordinary journey. In 2001, Kizza emerged as the national junior chess champion, a title that
would open doors to even greater opportunities. One of the pivotal moments in Kizza’s chess
career was his participation in the African junior’s chess event in 2002 held in Gaborone,
Botswana. Despite the fierce competition, he managed to score 4.5 points out of 11 rounds,
showcasing his potential on the international stage. Back in 1999, during his S4 year at Entebbe
Secondary School, Kizza led his team to a remarkable 3rd place finish at the Father Grimes
Chess Event at Ndejje Secondary School. This feat was highlighted by a drawn match against the
formidable Namilyango team, featuring chess stars like Kawuma Stephen, Kawuma Moses, Isaac
Munanira, and Wanderema Ignatius.

Kizza’s passion for chess never waned, and in 2016, he made his debut at the Chess Olympiad in
Baku, Azerbaijan, representing Uganda. His performance was nothing short of heroic as he
contributed three crucial points to the team’s success, including a memorable victory against
Hong Kong’s Edgardo Borigas. FM Wanyama Harold (current Uganda National Coach), the team
captain at the time, played a significant role in preparing Kizza for these challenging games, a
gesture he deeply appreciates. In 2022, Kizza was given the opportunity by Federation President
Engineer Mwaka to participate in the African Amateurs Chess Event in Mombasa, Kenya.
Competing in the under-2000 category, he clinched the bronze medal for Team Uganda, securing
a 3rd place finish on the continent and attaining the coveted Candidate Master chess title.
Kizza’s journey in the world of chess has not only been about personal accomplishments. He has
also been an inspirational figure to many young talents in Uganda. He qualified as a FIDE
instructor in 2016 and has since coached numerous junior chess players, including the current
national junior chess champion Uganda, Ajiri Benjamin Netanyahu, Pido Edwin, Kanyike Victor,
WFM Nakanyike Maria, WFM Nsubuga Gloria, and many more. Currently, Kizza serves as the
chess coach at several schools, including Seeta High School Green Campus, Kakungulu
Memorial School Kibuli, Jinja College, and Busega Preparatory School. His dedication to
nurturing the next generation of chess champions is unwavering.
As Kizza Faruk Fauza Karim heads to Oman to represent Uganda in the World Amateurs Chess
Event 2023, he carries with him the hopes and dreams of his chess students. His journey is a
testament to the power of determination, hard work, and the support of a loving family and
community. In conclusion, Kizza extends his gratitude to individuals in the chess fraternity who
have played pivotal roles in his journey, including the late Rwabushenyi and his family, and Eng
Kaamu Joseph, who provided crucial financial support and mentorship.
Uganda stands united in cheering for Kizza Faruk Fauza Karim as he makes his mark on the
global chess stage once again, proving that with dedication and perseverance, dreams can
become reality. The struggle continues, and Uganda couldn’t be prouder of its chess prodigy.

Story: by Samuel Were

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