National Chess promotion 2023-Uganda Chess Federation

National Chess promotion 2023-Uganda Chess Federation

National Chess promotion is underway and today Next Media services our partner was our launch center. The chief news director/ manager( Mr. Dalton Kaweesa) together with some colleagues received some few tips from Former USA champion, GM Timur Gareyev

GM Timur Gareyev, Dr Dalton Kaweesa and Eng. Mwaka Emmanuel-UCF President

and was gifted a chess set from UCF. We believe our media partners are critical in the development of the Chess game. Other schools and the Buganda kingdom were visited as well as part of our national chess promotion campaign.

GM Timur Gareyev

Lots of Chess sets will be donated by UCF as we spread the game. One million chess players One million smart minds can be realized in Uganda as chess champions mindset change in Uganda ūüáļūüᨠand socio-economic transformation.

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  1. Laura Nayamba June 21, 2023 at 1:52 pm

    Hi ,l am Laura from Bweranyangi Girls’ secondary school. l was wondering whether the competitions have started because our school wants to contest

  2. How do I join the competitions coz I know chess

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