Only he who has not visited other people’s homes considers his mother the best cook. Once one travels, all the ideas he had in his head change. This saying is so applicable for chess too, because one always thinks of themselves as a master wherever they are, until they come out to play a tournament. A tournament may not necessarily be a threat but it being an open, changes a lot of exploits. The Uganda open is one of such many tournaments that cause blood rushes among players, defies logic of ratings after the second round, does not segregate sexes as it sees women battle out men, children against legends. This years’ edition was no different despite lacking the everyday favorites who had opted to play another tournament that was simultaneously happening. The event was braced by players from different parts of the African continent with people coming in from Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya and Scotland as well as the host themselves Uganda. There was a total of one hundred eleven players with the top seed being Egesa Emmanuel rated 2117. The event spanned over a duration of four days starting out on 17th to 20th of Feb at the precious Mackinnon Suites in Kampala with the closing ceremony taking place on the 21st  

Another cream to the cake that marks out this event from the rest, is that it was the final grand prix event of the five circuit events from which twelve players are chosen to go and battle out for who joins the National chess team. As if to add salt to the food, the Uganda chess Federation was marking fifty years of existence and as a way to color the moment, Fide president Arkady Dvorkovich was present at the closing ceremony as a guest of honor. With all these at the backs of the minds of the players, the chess skill displayed would leave one asking why Uganda has not yet gotten a grandmaster yet. The ‘underrated’ as well as the unrated brothers from South Sudan turned out to be lethal as they left many high rated players in regrets. A one  1498 rated Irungu Brian from Kenya was in top form as he lacerated some 2000+ rated players, having the highest elo gain of about 80 elos. Here is a mimic of a you tube lecture he played against Mawanda Michael (1883)  (input pgn) Despite the good performances put up by the lower rated players , the second seed of the event , Kamoga Rajab rated 2061 did not want to leave any stones unturned as he went on to score 7.5 points out of the possible 8, faltering the half to the top seed. With this score, Kamoga went home a million richer. Finishing at 11th, was the best lady, woman candidate master Ampaire Shakira a rated 1661 Who seemed to be in unstoppable shape as she did not leave scalps of players such as Katumba J(1795), Kizza Faruk(1929), among others. She finished the event with six points of the possible eight giving her a rating performance of 1800 and this continued to prove that our ladies are making strides in the right direction. Shakira went away with ugsh 800,000. Below are the final standings and some of the photo moments from the event.

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