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Fide Master. Okas Walter
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Member fair play commission
Member fair play commission

Fide Master. Okas Walter is a prominent figure in the Ugandan chess community, known for his passion, dedication, and contributions to the sport as a player and organizer. With a career spanning over two decades, Walter has left a significant mark on the chess landscape in Uganda and beyond.

His journey in chess began at a young age, displaying exceptional talent and determination ea quickly rising through the ranks, winning prestigious titles such as the NRM National Championship in 2004 at just 19 years old. his might on the board continued to grow as he clinched the National Junior Champion title multiple times, showcasing his dominance at an early age.

In 2016, Okas Walter reached a career milestone by attaining the highest rating of 2309 and earning the prestigious FIDE Master title, solidifying his place among the elite players in the chess world. This achievement was a result of years of hard work and strategic play. Beyond his achievements, Fide Master Okas Walter has been actively involved in the administration of chess in Uganda. Serving as the Player Representative and Ratings Officer for the Uganda Chess Federation,  shaping the policies and initiatives aimed at promoting and developing chess in the country. Additionally, his membership in the Fair Play Commission underscores his commitment to upholding the integrity and spirit of the game.

As a seasoned competitor, Fide Master Okas Walter has proudly represented Uganda in various international tournaments, including two Olympiads in 2018 and 2022. he also captained the Ugandan team in Online Olympiads, demonstrating his leadership and strategy both on and off the board. Currently, Fide Master Okas Walter is actively involved in grooming the next generation of chess prodigies through the WiseFish Training Academy and Vanguard Chess, in collaboration with Alliance Française, Kampala. Their dedication to nurturing young talent reflects their commitment to ensuring a bright future for Ugandan chess.

In summary, Fide Master Okas Walter is not only a formidable player on the chessboard but also a visionary leader and mentor dedicated to advancing the sport in Uganda and beyond. With their indomitable spirit and unwavering passion for chess, he continues to inspire and empower chess enthusiasts worldwide.

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