Eng. Mwaka Emmanuel
President Uganda Chess Federation
Profession: engineer
International Arbiter (FIDE)
Fair Play specialist (FIDE)

Eng. Emmanuel Mwaka, President of the Uganda Chess Federation since 2017, is a seasoned figure in the world of chess. Holding the prestigious title of International Arbiter and serving as a Fair Play Specialist at FIDE, he has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the development and promotion of chess both nationally and internationally.

Under his leadership, the Uganda Chess Federation has achieved remarkable milestones. Mwaka’s strategic vision and tireless efforts have propelled chess in Uganda to Tier 2 recognition by the National Council of Sports, a testament to his effective governance and organization.

As a captain at the All Africa Games 2020, Eng. Mwaka led the Ugandan chess team to a commendable bronze medal, showcasing the country’s exponential growth on the continental stage. His leadership has fostered an environment conducive to nurturing talent, resulting in an impressive influx of chess masters during his tenure.

Eng. Mwaku’s legacy is marked by a significant transformation in Uganda’s chess landscape, with the sport experiencing unprecedented growth and popularity. His relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to fair play has not only elevated the status of chess in Uganda but also inspired countless individuals to embrace the game as a vehicle for intellectual growth and personal development. In summary, Eng. Emmanuel  Mwaka stands as a visionary leader whose indomitable spirit and strategic acumen have propelled Ugandan chess to unprecedented heights, leaving an enduring legacy of excellence and achievement in his wake.

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