More Good News from Baku, Azerbaijan at the chess World Cup

Uganda Participated in the Chess World Cup and FM Haruna Nsubuga played against
France’s Moussard Joules, where he managed to secure a draw for Uganda. Alongside
the World Cup, The FIDE Fair Play Commission led by Mr. Yuri Garrett organized a
FIDE Fair Play Seminar in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Picture moment: L to R Mwaka Emmanuel (L) receiving a certificate of attendance from
the Chairman of the Fair play Commission Mr. Yuri Garrett(R). Photo Credit: Bojana
Bejatovic FPL secretary.

Mwaka Emmanuel participated in the Fair Play Seminar from 31st July to 4th August
2023, and at the conclusion of the seminar, took an examination, and we are delighted to
share that he excelled in the exam. Currently, there are just seven Fair Play Officials
worldwide dedicated to ensuring fair play in chess, and as a result of the achievement,
will commence a journey to become an expert in Fair Play.
Lately, there has been a notable surge in attention towards the game of chess. This came
about when the former chess world Champion and the current top-ranked player globally,
GM Carlsen Magnus, raised concerns about potential cheating involving GM Hans
Neiman. This event was covered extensively by media outlets like BBC and CNN.
Subsequently, a legal action amounting to $100 million was initiated against GM Carlsen
in response to his claims.
In Africa, in the recent 2023 Kenya Open tournament, an incident occurred where a male
participant was discovered competing in the women’s category. This occurrence
highlights the ongoing issue of organizers sometimes falling short in ensuring optimal
playing conditions. Though thanks to the organizer that the culprit was caught!! This
occurrence was also extensively covered globally by several media houses.
Cheating culprits have also been caught in Uganda using Chess Engines on mobile
phones and several other frivolous cases of organizers failing to meet favorable playing
conditions for players or organizers failing to pay winners their prizes. The Ugandan
female player, WFM Shakira Ampaire, was interviewed and covered extensively on
several sports TVs in Uganda, after she played and defeated the man who had disguised
and played in the ladies category in the 2023 Kenya Open. These convictions could
prompt concerns and hence participation in the Fair Play seminar held in Baku,
Azerbaijan, during the FIDE World Cup. Fair play in chess is crucial for several reasons
including but not limited to:
a) Maintaining Integrity: Fair play upholds the integrity of chess as a sport and prevents
cheating or unethical behavior that could compromise the results and reputation of
the game.
b) Equality: Fair play ensures that all players have an equal opportunity to compete and
succeed base on their skill and strategic thinking, rather than resorting to unfair
c) Sportsmanship: Fair play promotes good sportsmanship an ethical behavior among
players, fostering a positive and respectful environment within the chess community.
d) Trust and confidence: when players and spectators trust that the game is played fairly,
they can have confidence in the outcomes and enjoy the competition without outbursts
about cheating.
e) Educational values: chess is not just a game, but also an educational tool that teaches
critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making. Fair play preserves these
valuable lessons by ensuring that players focus on improving their skills rather than
trying to circumvent the rules.
f) Long-Term development: A commitment to fair play contributes to the long-term
development and sustainability of chess as a respected and popular sport, attracting
new players and maintaining interest overtime.
g) Setting a positive Example: The principle of fair play set an example for other aspects
of life, encouraging honesty, respect for rules and ethical behavior beyond the

Generally, fair play is the foundation upon which the chess community is built. It ensures
that the game remains true to its purpose of challenging minds, promoting skill
development, and fostering positive values among players and enthusiasts.
Once again let’s celebrate the achievement of Uganda and all other participants who
passed the Exam.

Credit | Eng. Mwaka Emmanuel

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